“You may not want to admit it, but if you’re spending all of your dollar on couture in the secret hope that a (handsome) man will come along to lift you out of your financial woe, then this book is for you. If we could go back in time and give a copy to Carrie Bradshaw, we would”.

Harper’s Bazaar, July 2015


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When Alice fell down the rabbit hole…

she found a magic drink and a magic cake. Today many of us are still searching for the magic formula when it comes to finances but sadly it doesn’t exist. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you knew that it was up to you, right? There are no unicorns, fairy godmothers or magical shoes coming to save you but you do have something very important which fairytale characters often don’t have. Choice. The problem is many of us are carrying such twisted money messages around with us that we aren’t exercising choice. That’s why I wrote this book – to challenge your mindset in a cheeky, fun way and to show you where you could be heading but, just as importantly, what an alternative ending might look like. That way we can be our own fairy godmothers and prince charmings and financially save ourselves. Fabulous But Broke is a collection of financial fairytales which highlight money messages we carry with us and suggest an alternative, happy ending. From these stories I hope you will be inspired to write your own financial fairytale to make the right decisions for financial freedom, opportunity and happiness for today and the rest of your life.



First things first: this is not a how-to book…

There are many, many great self-help tomes available, but this isn’t one of them. Instead, it’s a how-are-you-thinking book. Confused? Let me explain. The concept for this book started with a conversation I had with my next-door neighbour. His daughter had just moved home and her father remarked in passing that he hoped she would meet a nice bloke soon, so she could move out and buy a house. I remember being shocked by his comment and wondering whether his daughter had received that message from her dad and was now carrying it around with her: that she needed to meet a nice bloke so she could move out and buy a home of her own. I wondered what this would mean for her financially if she didn’t meet a nice bloke, or if she met one in 20 years’ time, particularly if she wasn’t motivated to do anything with her finances in the meantime. This book is designed to help you change that. My hope is that it will act as a mirror to show you the money messages you’re carrying around with you and then – fingers crossed – inspire you to do something about them. Download your free chapter of “The Old Women Who Lived in a Shoe”.


You won’t even be aware that you’re reading about finances until you stumble upon the story that is all about you. That’s when you can choose to finally acknowledge the money message you are carrying and do something about it, or you can smile and pop this funny little book back on the shelf and blithely carry on doing what you’ve always done. Only now, you’ll be a little wiser and hopefully a little shaken up, in preparation to one day do something about it. (Just so you know, the first one is the much better option). Mel x

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